Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back from the honeymoon

Took a break from Crossfit and Paleo eating while I was on my honeymoon.  Big mistake.  My body is feeling like it is broken.  I needed the rest but now I feel like my performance has suffered.

I have a plan, though.  I will return to working out more than just the prescribed workouts.  Take a little advice from the CF gymnastics certification course and build up my upper body strength with strict pull ups and shoulder press.

On another note I have fallen in love with reading the reasons for de-affilliation.  It is a brutal venture building a gym.  Cut-throat and interesting.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Perfect breakfast

A bit of egg, broccoli and bacon.

Not quite the perfect breakfast but it sure looks delicious.  I am in a rush this morning because I decided to sleep in.  I whipped this together in ten minutes.  I have this pan that heats up super fast and is high efficiency.  It makes breakfasts a breeze.  Circulon.  Best pan ever.

Check it out.  This pan is worth every penny.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ready to go out

I just got off of work from the paint store.  I had to skip my workout for today because I have to pick up some stuff for the groomsmen so they are properly attired for the wedding.  This makes me feel sad but it is better for hone happiness.

We are getting more comfortable with each other as the wedding is on the Saturday.  We are so excited.

We are heading to Los Margaritas tonight for dinner.  Looking forward to it.  I will post if there is anything notable as paleo there.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Late evening

Not so late for the world, but late for me.  My love is on the phone and chatting to the family.  I am getting ready for bed.  I think my poor form today is carrying over into an actual injury. 

We did clean and jerk and I let my arms be loose right before the clean.  I jerked the weight off the ground and pulled a muscle. 

Sharp pain all over the place.  Pray for me.  My wedding is in five days.

Todays workout

Today I did Grace.  A fast workout consisting of 30 Clean and Jerks.  It is one of my favourite workouts, but today I was not feeling it.  I felt slow and awkward.  I had a 3:11 for time when I finished it, which is okay, but nowhere near my time of 2:43.

My form was terrible and I felt weak.  I know I mentioned that already but it was a poor workout for me.  I think I just wanted to get home with my lady.  She just returned from her stag and will be busy with wedding stuff all week.  We get married on Saturday!  So scary and exciting at the same time.

I have lost five pounds since the summer has begun, and I feel pretty good about my physique.  All I need is a haircut and I will look great for the wedding.

Eating too many snacks

I love snacks.

Particularly candy.

When I am at school, I rarely eat anything but paleo foods.  Veggies, meat and fats are the staples of my life.  Yet, when I return to work...I love nothing more than to snack on a few LiveWires or wine gums, or whatever else is sitting there.

Today, though.  I made a resolve and kept to it, one minute at a time.  More real food at work, so there will be less snacking on fake food.

I just read a great article by Nell Stephenson one her blog the Paleoista that talked about snacking.  I think I need to take her advice and focus more.  Check it out here.

Quite a cool site.  Fun to read.